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Swiftkil Pest Control takes delight in offering pocket-friendly pest inspections and other pest control assistance throughout the Ipoh region. We tackle each pest inspection with an unbiased view, realising that no home or environment is alike, and thus no method to managing the problem should be either.

Our Services

Swiftkil Pest Control Ipoh caters to pest control services for both homes and businesses.

Home Solution

Swiftkill Pest Control offers treatments for a diverse range of residential properties, no matter how large or little. By engaging in our pest control services, you can keep termites, rats, mosquitoes, and other bothersome pests away from your house.

Business Solution

For a range of insect concerns, we offer pest control services to a number of enterprises and commercial facilities. We will collaborate with you to keep your company safe and reduce the danger of product contamination.

termite control service

Termite Control Service

Engage our termite control services to prevent termites from destroying the foundation of your building.

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rat control service

Rat Control Service

Rats not only carry disease and destroy food, but they can also cause structural damage to the property.

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Aside from being a nuisance, mosquitoes are the world’s number one killer, killing more people than sharks.

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Cockroach droppings, cast skins, egg sacs, regurgitation marks, and nasty odours can contaminate food, utensils, and preparation surfaces.

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Fumigation is a highly effective targeted pest control method that is widely used to control pests that attack stored products and commodities.

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Say Goodbye to Pesky Pest


We not only deliver rapid, safe, and complete pest treatment, but we also take pride in providing you with dependable preventative home pest control solutions that can halt an issue before it becomes serious. We take the time to evaluate the parameters of your property to identify the best solutions for you. Our treatments will be tailored as per the seriousness of the damage made by the pests. So you know what to expect during the treatment, our professional team will explain and walk you through the process after we have evaluated the parameter and identified the solution.


Why Choose Us

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Experienced Technician

Our skilled pest professionals are qualified not only to address the pest problem but also to investigate the underlying cause. They will listen to your concerns and offer advice and suggestions on how to decrease pests on and around your property.

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Save Cost

Swiftkil Pest Control Ipoh believes in providing services to our clients without breaking their bank. Irrespective of the size of your property, we offer pest-control- control packages that are uniquely suited to you. Our goal is to provide you with a pest-free space.

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Multiple Solution

We provide multiple solutions for our clients to cater to the severity of their pest infestation. This is done to ensure you get the best solutions without burning a hole in your pocket, and also to ensure our chemicals do not harm you, your family and your pets.

Clients Review



Our questions were patiently answered by the personnel. Several package options are available upon request. Services are provided quickly, which is a good thing because who knows what might happen if time passed


Jessica Teh

I’ve been using their services since last year and will continue to do so. I’m pleased with their solutions because their technicians are knowledgeable and provide pest management information to help me treat my pest problem.


Sofia Ghani

Their professionals provided clear and detailed explanations of each and every part of my home. Hopefully, the mosquitoes will leave after this. Being bitten by them is a dreadful experience. Swiftkil Pest Control Services provides excellent service.


Alimallar Ananthan

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