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Fumigation is a highly effective targeted pest control method that is widely used to control pests that damage stored products and commodities. Because fumigation is highly hazardous to all living things, including people, it is strictly regulated by local governments. Trained fumigators follow specific measures to ensure that fumigation does not risk your employees’ lives.

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We also fumigate bulk, containerized, or palletized freight, as well as pallets and other wood packing equipment, silos, containers, warehouses, and home and industrial structures. We also offer on-site fumigation service Malaysia for businesses that require the greatest levels of sanitation and safety compliance. We are also an on-site fumigation service provider for businesses that require the greatest levels of sanitation and safety conformity. It is recommended that phosphine be kept within the silo for at least 7 days in order to eliminate all stages of insects and pests from grains. 

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Over the silo fumigation to be effective, the silo must be built to be gas-tight and contain appropriate phosphine concentration for an extended length of time, which can be accomplished through rigorous computation and observation prior to applying the fumigant. We provide several types of quarantine fumigation service Malaysia available to meet the needs of relevant agencies in this highly specialised industry.

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Pest infestation is common onboard vessels and ships. It is critical to take control of the situation in order to exterminate pests, particularly rats, as part of legal criteria. It is vital to evacuate risk locations and verify that all holes have been sealed to prevent the fumigant from escaping.  Furthermore, containers can be fumigated at several points throughout the transit chain. If done offshore prior to transport, the container will normally be aerated or aired before being loaded onto a ship. Because of the gradual release of gas absorbed into the cargo, some fumigant residue is likely to remain. To avoid exposure to potentially harmful gases, anyone who is compelled to open a container must do so with extreme caution and take proper safeguards. Above all, we are your trusted professional fumigation service provider. 

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