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 Swiftkil’s team of termite protection experts delivers very efficient termite protection shields for buildings during the construction phase, eliminating the need for chemical sprays. Consider our barrier to be a strong termite deterrent. In comparison to other procedures, it will not break down, will not require retreatment, and will save you expense over time. It is important to have strong protection against pests for new buildings and construction to establish a strong infrastructure foundation and prevent an uncontrollable infestation that could cost more money in the future to treat.

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When you build a new property, you have the choice to use physical termite protection systems that typically have 50-year design lives, that’s not always the case with an existing home. We provide superior pre-construction services for houses and businesses with a highly experienced and trained workforce. We provide termite treatment solutions in Ipoh. We provide superior pre-construction services for houses and businesses with a highly experienced and trained workforce. It is critical to be consistent with Malaysian structure gauges. There aren’t many instances where a termite the board framework isn’t needed for another form.  As a result, selecting a strong termite control for new construction treatment for the executive’s framework is an important pre-development decision.

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It is dangerous to be unable to introduce an impermeable termite barrier during the development stage. It exposes the structure to inadequate long-term insurance. Termite damage is not protected by construction or material safeguards. When planning a termite control for new construction, appropriate items must be chosen to integrate with the building’s construction elements, resulting in an incorporated termite protection layer that inhibits disguised termite ingress into the building.

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The ideal construction termite control measure is to termite-proof your property’s built-up area using a treatment known as pre-construction anti-termite soil treatment, which involves the application of termiticide into the soil. Termiticides are pesticides used for the treatment of subterranean termites. Swiftkil uses only termiticides that have been registered with and approved by Malaysia’s Pesticides Board, and they are applied in accordance with the recommended dosage. We utilise termiticides in accordance with the manufacturer’s general label recommendations. Our termiticide of choice is somewhat environmentally benign because it is part of a newer generation of termiticides.

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When it comes to dealing with termites, we are well trained and experienced in this field as we have served the industry for a significant amount of time. We have solved various pest problems from houses to commercial spaces. We offer extensive pest control and treatment services to our clients and had received positive reviews throughout the year of our operation. Our staff are well trained and professional in controlling pest problems. We guarantee that our solution will be effective in dealing with your pest problems. 

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