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Rats have been identified as a vector of several diseases, including plague (through rat flea), leptospirosis, salmonella, tapeworm (by urine and droppings), and rat-bite fever. In addition, rats carry secondary parasites such as fleas, mites, and ticks in their fur. Rats’ chewing and biting habits can cause harm to objects and goods. It is important to hire a rat control company to rid the rats from your property.

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Rats can be highly tenacious, and if they get entrance to your house or business, they can spread deadly diseases, cause significant damage, and contaminate food. Faeces, rub marks, urine odour, and other tell-tale indicators of rat infestations can be found. According to the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009 of the Food Act 1983, food facilities must be free of rat droppings/hairs. As a result, it is critical to have a rat control programme in place to limit their populations. Slow acting rodenticide baits are used for primary rat control. Rodenticide baits are placed using a Tempered proof Rat Bait Station (TRBS), which is installed as the first line of defence at important baiting spots.

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Secondary rodent control is done by trapping with glue boards or cages. Our rat pest control service adheres to strict management standards and regulations such as food safety, HACCP, GMP, and so on. Swiftkil rat control company provides skilled rat pest control service to assist keep these hazardous critters out of your home in order to keep your family and home safe. We provide two rodent control options: bait trap stations and glue trap stations.

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Our experts will install semi-permanent bait trap stations in high-risk areas like the stairwell, basement, kitchen, and storage. When the rats take the slow-acting poison in the appropriate dose, they will endure internal haemorrhaging and die within a week. Because of the delayed lethal action, the mouse does not correlate the discomfort with bait ingestion, hence removing any “bait-avoidance” behaviour. Getting rid of rats will be a breeze with our expert rat control service. If you spot any rats in your premises, call Swiftkil right away for a rat control service. Rats are harmful because they can transmit diseases, taint food, cause property damage, and reproduce quickly.

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