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Termites typically infiltrate your home without your notice. They will then settle in, multiply, and eat away at the wooden constructions within your walls. It is critical to put up termite protection for your property from these pests because termites enjoy our environment and will ultimately find their way into your home. As a termite treatment company, we use a systematic method of termite control that has proven to be extremely effective over time. Simultaneously, we know that each termite infestation is unique, and we personalise the elements of our treatment to each location.

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We begin by determining the type of termite that is causing the damage. Then, we look for all of the areas where termites are attacking the house, including any that you have discovered.  For example, we will search for mud tubes rising from the ground, dead termites near windows, and living termites in areas where the wood looks to be rotting. Following that, we will offer treatment that is tailored to the type of termite attacking the structure. We use substances that termites devour and bring back to their colonies. However, each situation is reviewed based on its specific demands, and homeowners can assist in determining the best option for their home. Our termite control service procedure begins with a comprehensive assessment of your structure to look for evidence of termite activity. Following the inspection, we proceed to the treatment phase, followed by any necessary follow-up service. We provide a number of highly effective and well-proven therapy methods.

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 We’ll collaborate with you and your specific scenario to choose the best treatment option for you. A termite assessment is an important first step in termite control. A technician from our termite control Ipoh company will come to your home and evaluate the inside, garage, and outbuildings for evidence of termites and termite damage.

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Termite damage is frequently subtle and in difficult-to-reach spots, but our experienced service professionals have the skills and expertise to assess if you have a current invasion or not, as well as to detect spots inside and outside your property that are conducive to termite infestation. As a  termite treatment company, providing termite control service stand 100 per cent behind our work. We treat your house thoroughly and professionally. If termites return, we will re-treat your home. We can also provide coverage to repair any damage caused by termite re-infestation, based on the scale of protection you pick at the time of the initial treatment. Our warranties are transferable and renewed for the life of your home.

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 Swiftkil Pest Control is the professional termite treatment experts in protecting your structure from these wood-destroying pests, whether you have a current problem with termites or not. We offer a comprehensive range of termite control Ipoh, including residential and commercial pest management. Swiftkil’s personnel can be trusted on your property. Not only do our staff pass a thorough background check, but any service that demands licensure for work to be performed, you can depend that we are up to date and fully certified. Allow our professional, trained, and courteous service crew to do the work.

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